management & Response

be prepared.

The security and safety of your team and your professional footprint should not be compromised. With incidents increasing at home and abroad, proactive measures, focused education and challenging training can make all the difference during crisis situations. 

We'll help you form a team
with clearly defined roles and responsibilities; a team with resilience to handle
a broad range of situations that include:

  • ​Active predator situation 

  • Force Majeure and natural disasters  

  • Medical or other incapacitation abroad

  • Kidnapping 

  • Theft and robbery

  • Incarceration abroad

  • Missing persons or death

  • Media intervention

  • Comfort and interactions
    with family members

  • Post crisis procedures to inform and support a return to normalcy

We deliver:

  • A comprehensive review of your current procedures

  • Vulnerability and threat assessments as necessary

  • Best practices on forming and enhancing crisis management teams

  • Administrative and scenario support to build and test procedures

  • Assistance and augmentation during an event
    as necessary

  • Progressive development of your capabilities through simulation, rehearsals and lessons learned 


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