Our team has a very distinguished record in uniformed and non-uniformed support to National Defense, Veterans issues and Special Operations. Our Strategic Projects transcend and support across the  lines of defense, the defense industry, corporate America, charity and benevolent organizations. Our strategic outcomes with this line of effort impact many people and often take years to realize, but they are worth every bit of effort as there is no group that the Nation owes more to than those who stand and have stood for our National interests and security.

if you need:

  • A team to vet your ideas and see if they are cost effective and in line with current DOD objectives

  • To impact Veterans, military or law enforcement

  • To give time, money or effort to charities that support Veterans which will have tremendous impact

  • To get a product or program off the ground or scaled that will impact how we train or support National Defense or Veterans




  • Comprehensive assessments of your idea and your program

  • Strategies, connections and gateways to realize your vision

  • Opportunities (through our charitable partners) to hire, support or give back to Veterans

  • Outreach and problem solving for our Special Operations Veterans who may need assistance



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