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Your team will execute a highly demanding event focused on embracing a total ownership mindset where true accountability, powerful results, resilience, critical thinking, agile problem-solving and true collaboration are paramount. LSDS facilitates a 2-4 day experience at a specified location based on your team requirements and goals. Select members of your team to attend our highly immersive event designed to build cohesion while enhancing problem-solving, decision-making and communication  skills. Three days door-to-door with an optional one to two-day follow-on period where participants are engaged for one hour to review take home packets.   During this event, your team will focus on collaboration, cohesion, problem solving, communications, and professional trust. Three full days in a setting at or away from the workplace result in a rejuvenated winning team returning to the office ready to succeed and win. 



A three-day experience designed to physically and mentally engage. Curriculum will be designed with organization-specific focus which allows results reached during this event to be incorporated into strategy/design/ execution of organization. 


  • Immersive living and problem solving in “less than luxurious” conditions to allow for maximum team building and peer-to-peer feedback

  • Outdoor experiences in cognitive reasoning, abstract problem-solving, resiliency and collaboration, and limited adventure training

  • Focus sessions with problem-solving, time management, communications and situational awareness tools  

  • Bunkhouse style housing to further enhance teamwork and cohesion Facilitated peer-to-peer and faculty-to-participant feedback during and after events

  • Facilitation of a comprehensive learning and developing team building event

  • Curriculum centered on the human terrain of leadership

  • Safe to learn, safe to fail, safe to challenge environment



1-3 day duration topic-focused experience coordinated at normal business operation location. 


The results of this experience will be an increase in confidence, capabilities, collaboration, problem-solving, communication, and feedback application which will enhance organizational effectiveness.


Offsite:         8-12 participants

Workshop:   8-15 participants


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