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LSDS's Professional Threat and Vulnerability assessments spot, assess and make recommendations to ensure you are doing all you can to prepare your facilities and people for the new normal of uncertainties associated with the workplace.


  • A professional assessment that spans the entire spectrum of risk to people, mission, facilities

  • A comprehensive understanding and recommendations for contingencies and emergencies

  • Identification and recommendation of vulnerabilities created through complacency, oversight of shortcuts that create risk

  • A compliance alignment review of existing policies and procedures

  • Clear recommendations on where to prioritize and where to focus

  • Checklists with recommendations by priority on actions to take that will deliver the most return on investment


  • Statistics and interview transcripts with key figures to quantify and qualify our findings and recommendations

  • Gap and needs analysis across the spectrum of vulnerability, hazard and risk

  • A team that will work closely with or independent of your existing offices and systems

  • As necessary, an “active” threat response or situational training scenario or table top exercise to take your team to the next level   

  • Equipment, education and training as necessary to compliment your needs

  • Crisis and situational response


  • Crisis management and response 

  • Active observation, assessment, risk and trend reporting for business travel, large gatherings and conferences

  • Review of off-boarding procedures to reduce post employment risks 

  • Commute/transit route vulnerability and threat review 

  • Security and facilities responsiveness evaluations and assessments 


We'll guide your organization in creating, 
rehearsing and codifying procedures that will increase overall readiness and responsiveness. 


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