LSDS imports proven leaders with extraordinary managerial, data, and marketing skills into your organization to enhance the capacity of your team for short or long periods of time.  

Dynamic leadership applications  

  • Executive coaches

  • Program management

  • Project planning and leadership

  • Directorates of operations and logistics leadership and staffing

  • International business and government coordination

  • Strategic market exploration

"LSDS has proven to be a high value partner in leadership training and coaching on multiple occasions."


- Steven Snow, Sr. Producer, Riot Games

lsds highlighted accomplishments

  • Strategy development and execution

  • Sales force optimization

  • Sales and sales operations teams creation and leadership

  • CRM platform analysis

  • Culture analysis and recommendation

  • Leader gaps and needs analysis

  • Professional development mapping and support

  • Executive program management

  • Marketing strategy design and implementation

  • Business transformation and cross-functional team development


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