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Civil Unrest Alert

The Situation:

Since George Floyd’s death on 25 May, hundreds of demonstrations have been held in the US and around the world. Protests ranged in size from a few dozen to several thousand, some turning violent.

Capital cities around the globe are at the center of these demonstrations. The map below depicts demonstrations held worldwide with greater than 100 participants since 25 May.

Various protests and vigils are planned around the globe from 12 June through the weekend, some of which may turn violent. Many capital cities, such as Seattle, Paris and DC are expected to have large turnouts.

Possible Effects:

• Protest or demonstrations, especially near government buildings and city centers

• Presence of counter protesters

• Large groups of people which may increase tensions

• Disruptions to public transportation and businesses where protests are being held

• Increased Traffic congestion in the vicinity of protests

• Increased presence of security, law enforcement, media and other personnel

Mitigating Factors to Apply:

• Avoid large crowds, which have the possibility of turning violent and may also serve as a catalyst for COVID-19 Spread

• Should you choose to protest, ensure you maintain active situational awareness and be alert for changes that could impact your safety

• Practice social distancing or wear a mask when it can be maintained

• If detained, adhere to the instructions of local authorities

• Abide by local laws and restrictions

• Allow extra time for travel

• Avoid travel after dark, when civil unrest tends to escalate

• Prepare for disruptions caused by protests

• Monitor local and social media for updates

• Enroll in a Safe Traveler program as appropriate to receive warnings from your preferred embassy


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