As the demand for our results-focused organizational excellence team reaches new heights, we are excited to announce that Brad Moses is joining LSDS as the Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) Director.

We have witnessed the capabilities and impacts Brad has created through his incredible leadership for over two decades and enthusiastically offer his expertise to our Clients and Partners. We could ask for none better to join our amazing team.

During the coming weeks, Brad and our LSDS Strategic Leadership Team experts will provide a series of live conversations, group Q&A sessions, and podcasts about the topics that matter to you and your team. SLT experts will be available for 1:1 virtual conversations and in-person office visits to discuss and address the specific challenge areas in your professional orbit.

The Strategic Leadership Team is uniquely qualified to guide your organization to a measurable increase of its full potential through a tailored comprehensive approach:

  • Strategic and operational achievement

  • Transformational senior executive mentoring

  • Increased organizational capability

  • Solidified culture

  • Risk analysis and reduction of risk associated with strategy application

  • Revenue and Market expansion

  • Acquisitions and divestitures

Click here to connect with the Strategic Leadership Team and learn more about what LSDS can provide for you.