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Taiwan Airline Alert

Updated on 15 December 2019

The Situation:

Far Eastern Air Transport, based in Taipei, suspended all operations on 13 Dec, citing "long term operating loss and difficult financing situation”. It is unclear if it will revive operations in the near future or at all at this time. It operated domestic services from Taipei and Kaohsiung to points in Southeast Asia, South Korea and Palau.

  • Main Hub: Taipei Songshan Airport

  • IATA: FE


Possible Effects:

Cancelled or delayed or rerouted flights

Mitigating Factors to Apply:

Check your flight itineraries for conflicts, delays, and/or cancellations

DISCLAIMER and Hold Harmless

Disclaimer: LSDS® gathers information from multiple sources and offers insight and perspective to travelers. Sources cannot be validated for accuracy in every instance. Travelers assume all risk associated with their travel and are responsible for the decisions associated with travel and for their own safety. Users of this reference document agree, to hold harmless LSDS® (LLC) its employees and clients associated with any risk or injury incurred during travel.


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