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Wellness Wed - Regeneration

This week we would like to focus on an aspect that often gets overlooked or neglected in the training process: regeneration. Planned days off may already be part of your weekly plan, but what are you doing to aid the regeneration of your body?  Active recovery helps to promote blood flow to the tissues and allows more access to oxygen, food, and waste disposal. This helps the tissue recover faster and ensures that the body is ready to work out again starting from 100%.  Active recovery comes in many forms. Below are a few suggestions that you may be familiar with.

● Foam Rolling

● Stretching

● Massage

● Light to Moderate Activity

● Contrast Baths  

Still have questions as to how to get the most out of your regeneration? Remember that Dr.

Colvin is an available resource.

Happy regenerating!

As we help our numerous clients cope with the unique stressors inherent in today’s uncertain world, we are thrilled to offer the services of Dr. Kate Colvin, PhD. As Director of Human Performance, Kate’s role is to provide training and education around various aspects of mental and physical wellbeing, including stress management, effective thinking, mindfulness, attentional focus techniques, goal attainment, organizational leadership, memory and learning enhancement, and sleep. Kate has assisted hundreds of LSDS clients, and is available to help you navigate the path ahead. Email to learn more about what Dr. Kate Colvin, PhD, can provide for you.


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