LSDS delivers unbiased, professional feedback you need 

for optimal strategy and synchronization.


  • Optimal strategy and synchronization across departments, programs, and stakeholders

  • Feedback on how you and other leaders
    are perceived

  • To know how decisions are received and acted upon

  • Insights into the atmosphere of the company

  • An understanding of what blockers to creativity or production are present so that you may act on them

  • To identify and celebrate cultural and brand icons that are otherwise invisible

  • To identify unknown emergent and informal leaders who are making a difference

  • To optimize your time application to have extraordinary results


Formal and informal mapping skills to produce:

  • Gap and needs identification and analysis

  • External perspective with honed observation and reporting skills to give you unbiased, professional feedback on designated areas of focus

  • Statistics based research where appropriate to quantify decisions

  • Key anecdotal feedback to provide qualitative perspective to understand impacts

  • Unequalled trust and ability to maintain confidentiality

  • Select senior leaders who have achieved success at extraordinary levels to provide strategic perspective


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