With significant success in Special Operations and in business, Terry founded LSDS in 2011. As the Chief Executive Officer of a company who leverages expertise to help others achieve their goals, Terry has led LSDS to substantial growth every year in all of the company’s lines of effort. Terry has spearheaded leadership development programs which include building a resident leadership academy for Riot Games and key speaking engagements with LegalZoom, multiple engagements with the Young Presidents organization and executive coaching of leaders of all levels.  

Prior to founding LSDS, Terry served as the General Manager of a large defense contractor focused on supporting USSOCOM in the continental United States and abroad. In that capacity, he led a team of 2000 employees and independent consultants from the horn of Africa to Afghanistan, and other locations across the globe.

His 27 Year career in the US Army resulted in Terry being in Combat for over 4 years and deployed to dozens of countries while serving as an Infantry and Special Forces Noncommissioned Officer. He has led from the individual to large force level in some of the most austere and demanding assignments and has numerous decorations and foreign awards for his service to the Nation.

Terry concluded a successful career as the Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force- Afghanistan Sr. Enlisted Leader while dually serving as the 3rd Special Forces Group Command Sergeant Major. In this capacity, he was responsible for the training, education, readiness and professional development of over 6500 Marines, Soldiers, Airmen and Sailors spread across Afghanistan, and another 1500 Special Forces Soldiers at home and abroad.

Terry is an active consultant to the Special Operations Center of Excellence as a Special Operations subject matter expert focused on curriculum alignment and professional development for cadre and instructional leaders at all levels.  Additionally, Terry focuses a significant amount of time assisting Special Operators and their families through outreach, and by supporting charities focused on warriors and their families. 


In 2012, Angie joined LSDS as a researcher for the Risk Mitigation line of effort. She is currently the Director of Data, Research and Integration, Co-Director of Operations, and a Senior Advisor of the LSDS Steering Committee. Angie also serves as a curriculum developer and as an instructor for Risk Mitigation and Leader Development.

Angie works closely with all members of the company to collect, consolidate and store the data provided from off-sites and team building events.  She supports the Risk Mitigation team to ensure traveler safety through extensive research, analysis, and reporting of various risk factors of the locations traveled by our clients.  She has helped provide global prep and travel to 1000+ travelers to date.

Working across all lines of effort, Angie also assists in instructional delivery with feedback, coaching and mentoring, aligning budget priorities, advising into hiring of new employees, advising into products and deliverables for projects and programs, and proofing all documents, proposals, contracts and presentations for the company.

Along with working with LSDS, Angie has also been teaching since 2002 and holds a B.S. in Education from Bowling Green State University. 



Data & Integration Director



Program Lead for Unit Solutions
Logistics Lead

Chris Spence works on Select Strategic Projects and Risk Mitigation, with a focus on company logistics.

Chris has spent the last six years working with LSDS in a variety of positions as the company has grown.  His focus with the Risk Mitigation programs has allowed him to help hundreds of college students safely travel around the world.  He additionally serves as a consultant for Select Strategic Projects, which successfully enable outside companies requiring military experience and insight to achieve their project goals.

Chris served for 25 years in the Army, with 17 of those years exclusively spent in the United States Army Special Forces.  He was recognized as the lead facilitator for the first expansion of Special Forces capabilities in 20 years for the entire Special Operations Community.  During this expansion, Chris was responsible for the manning, equipping, budgeting and training of the new battalion, which served as the template for all other Special Forces Groups.

Chris is a former Horse Soldier during the invasion of Afghanistan.  He took the first pictures used by former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, to show the world that American Special Forces were on the ground in Afghanistan and on horseback.  The close-up picture he took of a Horse Soldier is currently on display in the Smithsonian Institute and served as the template for “America’s Response Monument,” or Horse Soldier Statue which overlooks the 9/11 memorial.

Chris is currently working on a degree in Computer Science from Lansing Community College.




Hannah Gibson joined the LSDS Team in 2014 as a temporary office assistant. She moved up in the company as her role of back-up support to ongoing projects and programs grew, and currently wears the hats of Administrative Director, Travel Planner, Invoicing Manager and Trouble Shooter, Team Member Onboarding and Orientation Lead, Calendar Director, and Fire Extinguisher when the going gets tough.

She excels in a variety of areas thanks to decades of remarkable travel opportunities, a diverse education, and real-world experience. Homeschooled in Japan, Texas, Washington, and Pennsylvania, she won nominations and appointments to West Point and Annapolis before choosing to attend the Virginia Military Institute. An accomplished equestrian show-jumper and distance runner, won Big South Conference Division 1 individual titles in three sports while setting ten VMI school records, graduated with an honors degree in psychology, and was awarded the 'Three Legged Stool,' the Institute's recognition of the graduating cadet who most excels in the classroom, barracks, and athletic fields.

Between her graduation in 2011 and joining LSDS, she worked in a variety of positions in Virginia, Georgia, and North Carolina as trainer, manager, and start-up leader. Hannah became a CrossFit Level 1 certified coach in her spare time, and currently lives in North Carolina. 

Chief of Staff



Deputy Program Lead - Executive Support Services
Resiliency subject matter expert

Stacy Mandock provides support to the Risk Mitigation Program team as a researcher. With the purpose of providing the safest possible experience for travelers both foreign and domestic, Stacy assists in doing the initial research for travel destinations and identifying potential concerns and/or risks before and during travel.

In a past life Stacy enjoyed competing in CrossFit – making it to Regionals in 2010, 2011 and 2012 – and coaching at RedPoint CrossFit in Fayetteville, NC. A military wife for over 13 years, she now lives in the DC area with her husband and two small sons.  

Stacy holds a BA in English from Western Michigan University



Risk Mitigation Program Lead - Global scholar travel program 
Research & Development Lead


Nick has 20 years emergency medical experience, specializing in Austere Medicine. He is a graduate of the US Army Special Forces Medical Sergeant Course (SFMS), SpecialOperations Combat Medic Course (SOCM), Advanced Tactical Practitioner (ATP) and ArmyCombat Medic Course. Nick has military experience as a Green Beret for the U.S. Army Special Forces, and carries several certifications, to include: 18D Special Forces Medical Sergeant, Advanced Tactical Practitioner (ATP), Advanced Cardiac Life Support(instructor), Pediatric Advanced Life Support(PALS), NREMT-Paramedic, TCC (Instructor), CPR(Instructor), Special Forces Qualification Course Spanish, Survival Evasion Resist and Escape (HR) with Peacetime Detention Level C, Advanced Leaders Course, Warrior Leaders Course, Airborne, 68W Army Medic Course(with Combat Medical Badge), 4F Air Force Aeromedical Technician Course, and is working toward AMGA/WEA Guide Certifications with the Mountain Training School.

Nick has held various other positions including Wilderness Medical Associates Instructor and as Wilderness Guide for Life Wild Alaska, where he worked as assistant fishing guide and as the Wilderness Medicine/Survival Instructor. He has worked as a deckhand on a commercial fishing vessel in Alaska, and has backcountry wilderness experience, to include backpacking, mountaineering, climbing and kayaking in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

Survival Medical Expert

JW Horne has nearly 20 years of experience in martial arts.He has studied various styles, traditional and modern, with an emphasis on real world self-defense.

JW is a Black belt instructor in Japanese Jujitsu, has ravelled with and assisted DOD contractors with military hand to hand training, developed women’s kickboxing programs and self-defense seminars, and participated in community service programs working with at risk youth.

JW excels at working with groups of all skill levels and ages, civilian as well as military and law enforcement, giving them practical skills when dealing with physical threats.


Self Defense Expert

Laura Laperle is the Risk Mitigation Research Analyst who works with LSDS to ensure traveler’s safety abroad through open source data mining techniques.

Laura believes this work is essential for an organization’s peace of mind, especially in this ever-changing world, while its employee’s are traveling internationally.

Laura has gathered much of her experience as a researcher while working at Virginia Commonwealth University as a Research Assistant, where she was involved in various projects that led to publication in her field.  Laura holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Science from Virginia Commonwealth University where she graduated Magna Cum Laude.


Risk Mitigation Project Lead - global client

Jennifer Chaney provides research and analytical support to the Risk Mitigation team at LSDS. Her goal is to provide a safer international travel experience, by locating and tracking data on current situations or upcoming events that may impact travelers.

 Jennifer’s foreign and Third World travels provided her the important understanding that creating a comprehensive contingency plan is crucial to travel safety, as plans can change in a moment’s notice. 

Jennifer earned a Communication Bachelor of Science with a concentration in Journalism from the University of Phoenix. Her work experience includes academic research for peer-reviewed journals, writing articles for a local community magazine, she also has research work published through Solstice Publishing.



Risk Mitigation Project Lead - Independent Travel Support,
Deputy Program Support - global client

Dave was introduced to the LSDS team at a leader’s seminar in 2017. Shortly after, Dave was invited to assist LSDS conduct a risk assessment of a company in western NC where a great working relationship was developed. Dave’s international and US based law enforcement background provides LSDS with a unique investigative expertise that is beneficial as LSDS continues to grow in an ever-changing and challenging global environment. 

Dave has nearly 20 years law enforcement experience in North Carolina and overseas. His North Carolina experience includes undercover narcotics detective, US Customs K-9 drug detection dog handler and patrol officer. Dave has accumulated approximately 2,500 law enforcement training hours including Interview and Interrogation, Defensive Driving, Shoot-Don’t Shoot, Patrol Techniques and Use of Force. 

After September 11, 2001 Dave applied for a position with DynCorp International, and was sent to Kosovo as a Peacekeeper assigned to the Podujevo police station as a police mentor. While in Kosovo, he worked alongside the British Army and a Czech/Slovak BG helping the Kosovo Police Service maintain order under UN Resolution 1244 in the Pristina AOR. Dave was appointed Chief of Operations for the station responsible for the day to day operations of the station and supervised approximately 200 Kosovo police officers, 22 international police officers and 12 language assistants.

Dave was selected again in 2005 by DynCorp International and assigned to the Al Anbar region of Iraq assigned to the Civilian Police Assistance Training Team (CPATT) umbrella as a subject matter expert on police policy and procedure embedded with the US Marines at the Fallujah Police HQ.  Dave assisted in the training of Iraqi Police officers with the Police Training Team (PTT) in conjunction with the US Marines, US Army and the Iraqi Ministry of the Interior. 


In 2008, Dave was assigned to the Kabul and then Kandahar regions with CPATT and mentored Afghan Police officers in conjunction with US & Coalition Forces as well as the Afghanistan Ministry of the Interior on democratic policing policy and procedures. While in Kabul, Dave mentored Afghan police at the Kabul Police Command HQ in operations and logistic alongside US Army counterparts. Dave served in Kandahar at the Kandahar Airfield (KAF) mentoring Afghan Border Police.   


After two decades of service, Dave became active in Reboot Combat Recovery, assisting veterans recover from combat trauma. As a graduate of the course, Dave leads Reboot classes and actively engages the veterans’ organizations and church communities to assist individuals and their families who would benefit from the program. 

Dave is a proud father of an 18-year-old son who keeps him busy at the gym and track.



Program Lead - Executive Support Services

Ann Shaw joined LSDS in July 2018 to provide administrative support. Ann has a varied background in marketing, sales management, and operational, strategic, and administrative functions. Born into a military family, Ann has a passion to help small businesses that are veteran owned. But Ann’s desire to help others doesn’t stop there as she has spent years committing her free time to organizations such as Child Advocacy Center and Fayetteville Uncorked! to raise funds for programs that aid abused children and military families. Ann holds a B.S. in Psychology from Fayetteville State University.


Marketing Team



Marketing and Online Media