LSDS™ can bring your team to the next level with immersive challenges,

impeccable faculty, professional facilitation, and effective feedback.
With total focus on you, we design and put forth unique experiences that bond

and develop teams from the front line to the executive boardroom.



  • A cohesive team completely aligned on accomplishing the mission

  • A resilient team that excels regardless of conditions and stressors

  • Informal and emergent leaders to accomplish assigned and inferred tasks

  • Roles, responsibilities and authorities merged seamlessly to create a successful interdependent organization

  • A team that communicates with precision
    and without the use of telepathy


  • A team that bears a brand known for excellence

  • Confidence to aggressively handle change time and time again



  • Mental and physical challenges tailored to your team to take them to the next level

  • Immersive experiences with conventional and unconventional problems

  • Focus on the human dynamic (hierarchy of needs, intrinsic and extrinsic motivations, self actualization, community and culture) to create an elite level of unity

  • Facilitated peer to peer learning and development

  • Experiences that can be modified and scaled to individual needs to optimize the group’s capabilities

  • Feedback on the organizational dynamics and individual strengths

  • Photo and video captures of key events and milestones

  • Adventure to level up the team's sense of accomplishment   


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