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Building the capability and capacity of your team means it will operate at its peak potential and accelerate success. Partner with vetted leaders and subject matter experts from LSDS to facilitate your team’s journey. LSDS will integrate into your organization, conduct precise analysis, and provide clarity and support to approach your most sensitive and demanding situations. Tailored expertise, measurable results, and client confidentiality sets LSDS apart.



Strategic Leadership

Sharpen analytical skills, effectively manage relationships with internal and external stakeholders and drive strategic direction to lead enterprise transformation and growth. Workshop benefits include: Identifying critical attributes needed to create a high performance environment. Articulate the corporate message inetrnally and externally. Learn how to harness continuous improvement and disruptive change to benefit the organization. Analyze patterns in strategic thinking to identify a growth plan. Strengthening executive competencies. Effective circulation and its role in your strategy. Resetting or aligning your executive team.

Effective Business Communication

Learn how to motivate, persuade, and influence by using communication frameworks, expert coaching, and practice. Workshop benefits include: Discovery of powerful narrative structures, storytelling guiding principles, and simple tools and techniques to lift your planning and performance. Learn how to prepare smarter for presentations and pitches, and how to craft a message that will resonate with internal and external stakeholders via emails, white papers, to one-on-one meetings. Deepen your knowledge by putting learning into practice with real-world experimentation, observation, and reflection.


Ready to improve the productivity and cohesion of your team? LSDS offers turn - key team-building workshops that focus on the behavioral types in your team and use that knowledge to improve communication, reduce conflict and get people working to their natural strengths. This workshop is useful for teams who would like to: Build trust, rapport, and productivity within their new, developing or established team Increase the effectiveness of their communication and decrease conflict Identify opportunities for team development Evaluate and optimize team performance

Gap and Need Analysis

Measure your organization's ability to meet its objectives with this workshop. Do you have the right team to propel your organization's goals? Are there gaps in your processes that are preventing goals being achieved? Can you pinpoint areas where training, technology or innovation would help? This comprehensive workshop will help leaders find areas for improvement in processes,people products, or services and get their team back on the right track.

Leading Organizational Change

If your organization is in the midst of, or about to initiate, important changes to processes, strategies, structures or culture, this dynamic workshop is for you. Workshop benefits include: Building organizational agility. Managing up, down, and sideways. Move from competing agendas to organizational alignment. Guide people through the complexity of change. Anchor your plan of action to the real-world business challenges you face.

Managing Hybrid Teams

Are you a people-leader with some employees working remotely and some working on-site? And do you have additional unique hybrid team factors such as members working different shifts, at multiple sites, or on different projects? If so, you may have experienced challenges with communication, collaboration, and meetings, all within a uniquely stressful pandemic world. This workshop provides you with proven best practices and tools to build trust, resiliency, and productivity during times of constant change. The two highly interactive three-hour virtual sessions provide opportunities to practice new skills and create your personalized strategy to build a cohesive and effective team.

Lorenzo Stephenson

Sr. Program Manager l Amazon

 North American Customer Fulfillment

Global Engineering Services (GES)

“LSDS facilitated a comprehensive leadership discussion forum and provided the GES team with proven leadership strategies, robust communication techniques, and time-tested team-building activities, enhancing our culture and improving our leadership landscape.”

Christina Wun

Senior Creative Director l Riot Games

"Our team-building leadership summit with LSDS helped build awareness around our strengths and weaknesses and provided our team with effective team strategies to perform at the highest level."

Cody Snider

Co-President l Unit Solutions

"Since 2013, Terry and his team have played a key role in the success of our program. The level of operational excellence that the LSDS team has provided over the  past decade has been tremendous and we are greatly appreciative of Terry's leadership, and  his team's flexibility, to accommodate based on our company’s needs. We are sincerely thankful for the many hours and support put forth by LSDS."


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