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Strategy. Mission. Brand. Culture. 

LSDS plays a pivotal role in enhancing organizational culture. Organizational culture is driven by leader actions and behaviors and strengthened by teams. Teamwork shapes how members perceive, think, and feel about their organization. LSDS tailors applied effort to increase employee engagement, productivity, and satisfaction. A strong, positive culture not only attracts and retains top talent, but also fosters a sense of identity and belonging among employees. This will enhance overall performance and productivity.  LSDS will assist in applying the needed courage, skills, and tact to address the challenges posed by a weak or negative culture. Implementing strategies that curb disengagement, grow brand strength, and prevent a decline in performance will result in renewed vigor and orientation toward sustainable success.





Lorenzo Stephenson

Sr. Program Manager l Amazon

 North American Customer Fulfillment

Global Engineering Services (GES)

“LSDS facilitated a comprehensive leadership discussion forum and provided the GES team with proven leadership strategies, robust communication techniques, and time-tested team-building activities, enhancing our culture and improving our leadership landscape.”

Christina Wun

Senior Creative Director l Riot Games

"Our team-building leadership summit with LSDS helped build awareness around our strengths and weaknesses and provided our team with effective team strategies to perform at the highest level."

Cody Snider

Co-President l Unit Solutions

"Since 2013, Terry and his team have played a key role in the success of our program. The level of operational excellence that the LSDS team has provided over the  past decade has been tremendous and we are greatly appreciative of Terry's leadership, and  his team's flexibility, to accommodate based on our company’s needs. We are sincerely thankful for the many hours and support put forth by LSDS."


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