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LSDS’s Risk Mitigation experts deliver a wide-range of customized programs, services, and products designed to secure your safety and ensure peace of mind at home, at work, and abroad.


LSDS proudly supports client trips to all corners of the globe. We offer comprehensive Individual, Collegiate, and Business Travel Support Programs specifically designed to meet your unique travel needs. We have you covered from start to finish - from extensive pre-travel education and detailed planning support, geo-tracking and 24/7 reach back support during travel, and a full debrief upon return. 

Prior to Travel

  • Analyze Crime Statistics and Trends     

  • Provide Risk Analysis with Mitigation Practices     

  • Confirm Support Networks     

  • Understand and Assist in Preparation for Anticipated Environmental Impacts   

  • Assess Medical Concerns and Determine Support Available   

  • COVID-Specific Travel Requirements

During Travel

  • 24/7 Reach Back Support     

  • Geo-Tracking and Geo-Fencing Available     

  • Global Support Operation Center Utilized     

  • Safety and Security Alerts     

  • Situational Response     

  • Push Notifications     

  • Additional Support as Desired

After Travel

  • Detailed Location Debrief     

  • Coordination of Medical Follow-Up     

  • Post-Travel Best Practices Recommendations     

  • Additional Services Specific to Travel Location


Individual & Family 

In-home education and training to prepare you and your family to manage daily safety, emergency situations, and rapid evacuations. Services include:

  • Vulnerability and Threat Assessments for Your Home     

  • Home Relocation Support - Understand Your New Environmental Consideration

  • Family Security and Safety Procedures     

  • Emergency and Crisis Response Plans     

  • Customized Egress Bags and Emergency Kits     

  • Alarm System and Emergency Equipment Recommendations   

  • CPR Certification, Trauma, and Expedient First Aid Instruction

Corporate & Professional

Detailed assessments conducted so you can make informed decisions to ensure your facilities and team are prepared to mitigate the uncertainties inherent in today’s workplace. Services include: 

  • Vulnerability and Threat Assessments for Your Office, Parking Facility,           and Surrounding Locations     

  • Facility Hardening to Survive Specific Threats     

  •  Specific Threat Management     

  • CPR/AED Training and Certification       

  • Active Shooter and Predator Awareness Training       

  • Executive Travel Support     

  • Crisis Response Planning, Preparation and Exercises       

  • Real-Time Crisis Response Support   

  • CPR Certification, Trauma, and Expedient First Aid Instruction


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