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Relocation support doesn’t end just because your move is complete. Recommending appropriate alarm systems & emergency equipment, completing vulnerability assessments, providing medical & self defense training, and more. Our goal is to make sure that you and your family have everything in place you need to be safe and secure in your new home. LSDS will:

  • Recommend Alarm Systems & Emergency Equipment

    • Vendor Vetting for Security Companies

    • Fire / Carbon Monoxide / Burglar Alarms

    • Fire Extinguishers / Rope Ladders / Medical Kits

  • Complete Vulnerability Assessments

    • Predatory & Environmental Concerns Determination (Level & Probability of Occurrence)

    • Family Patterns of Life Analysis & Vulnerabilities

    • Safe Room Assessments & Enhancement Recommendations

  • Review Safety & Family Security Procedures

    • Daily Routines & Commutes

  • Establish Emergency Plans Based on Emergency Type

    • Crisis Response Preparation

  • Identify Egress / Evacuation Routes & Accountability Assessments

    • Custom Egress Bags for All Family Members (Including Pets)

    • Escape Plans

  • CPR Certification

    • Adult / Child / Infant / AED

  • Medical Training

    • Trauma / Expedient First Aid

  • Self-Defense Instruction

    • Situational Awareness

    • Small Victim / Large Attacker

LSDS has proudly supported client relocations to all corners of North America. Contact us today to see how we can help you to secure your safety and peace of mind at home and abroad.


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