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Travel Tip #3 - How to Avoid a Taxi Scam

12 things you should look for to identify a taxi scam

You may not always be able to avoid a scam, but it's important to know what kind of travel scams exist. Whether you're traveling to a big city in the states or abroad this summer, here are twelve things you should look for to identify a taxi scam.

  1. Different color scheme from the dominant registered licensed taxis you see driving about

  2. No taxi license in the vehicle

  3. Cash only

  4. No presence of an actual meter

  5. Taxi driver approaches you and encourages you to use their vehicle versus waiting in a queue

  6. Physical characteristics (really a judgment call) on whether they look like an official taxi driver

  7. Several occupants in the vehicle

  8. Displayed photo identification does not match driver's facial features

  9. Removable or flimsy taxi sign on roof

  10. Substandard working condition

  11. Invalid or non-existent license plates

  12. Non-existent dispatch system

Helpful Tip:

  • Review the State Department Travel and Transportation Recommendations for your country of travel. 

  • Research Approved or Recommended Taxis for your country of travel.

Here are a few examples:

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