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Angie Gerhan is the Director of Data & Integration for LSDS. She began her LSDS adventure in 2012 when she met Terry Peters while working as a teacher in North Carolina. She joined LSDS as a researcher, and has been an integral part of the team ever since. Angie is affectionately and accurately referred to as the most efficient person in the world, no small feat in an organization filled with extraordinarily efficient people.

As a full-time 4th grade teacher and the LSDS Director of Data & Integration, Angie splits her days between her students and LSDS. A standard day for Angie at LSDS involves assisting with the prioritization and organization of projects across the company; reviewing every report, project, high risk document, and presentation before it is delivered; creating surveys and analyzing the resulting data; and assisting in the development of presentations across a wide-range of LSDS initiatives. She has an inherent ability to take ideas, visualize them, and organize them in the best possible way for presentation.

Angie enjoys the challenge of juggling multiple tasks, particularly since they come from completely opposite worlds. Going from teaching to researching the world’s highest threats provides the opportunity to learn something new every day, and Angie is extremely passionate about the work that LSDS does to help other people.

Angie moved back to Ohio in 2017 after living in North Carolina for 12 years. She just received her Masters Degree in Instruction and Technology from Western Governor’s University, and has been an invaluable resource to all LSDS team members and clients who have recently undertaken the challenge of home-schooling their children. When she’s not balancing her classroom during COVID or working at LSDS, she enjoys chilling out with her dog Harvey and getting outdoors. She loves all lake activities, from paddle boarding to kayaking, and everything in between.

Angie’s Top Tip: When dealing with multiple projects simultaneously, maximize efficiency by reflecting on your strengths and weaknesses and create task lists prioritized by effort and deadlines. Review and edit these lists continuously. Knocking out the least time consuming items first will give a sense of momentum to power through the more time and thought consuming ones.


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