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Stacy Mandock is a Risk Mitigation Project Lead and the Research & Design Team Lead for LSDS. She began her LSDS adventure in April 2016, after meeting Terry Peters while working at RedPoint CrossFit. Stacy spends her days keeping UNC Morehead-Cain Scholars safe and supported as they travel the globe, leading risk mitigation research for Southeast Asia / Asia, and researching and testing the best survival products for our amazing LSDS Egress Bags and Emergency Kits. In short, she specializes in keeping lots of people safe all around the world

As the primary contact for the UNC Morehead-Cain Foundation, Stacy provides direct support to students prior to and during their global adventures. Before being cleared to start their adventures, the students receive in-person training in self-defense, situational awareness, and travel safety protocols from Stacy and the LSDS team. Once the students are approved for travel, Stacy monitors their safety abroad for the duration of their trips. In addition to providing practical travel support for students, Stacy provides the invaluable gift of peace of mind for both UNC and the parents of the student travelers.

As the Risk Mitigation subject matter expert for Southeast Asia / Asia, Stacy also conducts in-depth research for additional LSDS clients in high-risk areas to ensure their safety during international travel. She constantly reviews and makes recommendations around ever-changing and often confusing travel restrictions, deciphers the region’s news and media, and reads between the lines to avoid political information and media bias.

As the Research & Development Team Lead, Stacy researches, tests, and approves every item in our amazing LSDS Egress Bags and Emergency Kits. In addition to building out the best base model for each bag and kit, Stacy works directly with clients to ensure that the desired item is built to meet their exact needs. From a bespoke 3 Day City Egress Bag to a customized collection of Egress Bags for a family of five with two dogs, Stacy ensures that clients not only receive exactly what they need for any eventuality, but also provides face to face training to confirm that clients understand all of the components and how to use them. Stacy really enjoys putting these bags and kits together because they ensure the safety of everyone . . . including family pets.

As a master multitasker, Stacy really enjoys all of the different moving parts of her position. Not only is she an integral part of the LSDS Team, she is an active CrossFit competitor, a military wife, and an amazing mom to two little boys who keep her on her toes!

Stacy’s Top Tip: “ALWAYS pack your sense of humor!”


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