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LSDS’ Executive Coaching provides your C- Suite leaders with 1:1 expert training in leadership best practices from expert coaches chosen for their knowledge and compatibility with your specific challenges. You can expect meticulous preparation and close-out notes for each 1:1 engagement, analysis of competency feedback from 360° review, mapping strategic trajectory on focus areas, and assisting with select administrative busywork to enhance leader evolution.


  • Coaches are chosen for the executive being mentored, ensuring mutual trust and compatibility. Each executive receives the benefit of a primary coach and other expertise added in as appropriate to provide strategic value.  The following steps are strongly encouraged but can be adjusted based on individual needs:

  • Personality assessment, along with 360° competency feedback

  • Organization’s Key Performance Indicator review of accountable areas

  • Individual and Organizational goals clearly outlined

  • Timeline and structure of engagement established

  • Coaching begins, tailored to executive schedule

  • LSDS assists where practical with simple administrative tasks to free more time for application


  • More time for what matters most

  • Applied time to essential tasks

  • Consistent effective delegation

  • Alignment of responsibilities and outputs

  • Leader promotion within their organization

  • Improvements in work climate

  • Successful acquisitions

  • Culture strengthening

  • Increased revenue

  • Trust and confidence in your capabilities and team impact


  • 1:1 engagements with a designated strategic focused expert executive coach.


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