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Cheap Tickets Could Cost You Big

You found a cheap flight to your dream vacation destination and you've already starting packing your bags. Hopefully, you’ll have the perfect round trip. Unfortunately, sometimes great deals include bad news like hidden baggage fees.

Here is a tip we received from a traveler who just visited Thailand.

“Flying into Phuket, Thailand is very easy and cheap. Many flights are offered by regional carries for as little as $50 dollars per ticket. The scam with the cheap tickets is getting out of Phuket. The airport wants all travels to arrive 4 hours prior to departure, so they can weight your bags. You are given a baggage weight fee based on the weight of your bags. I was charged $150 dollars, while another family was charged $7,000 dollars to fly out, all in luggage fees.”

— Recent Thailand Traveler

Some deals may require a little research and planning. Here are some smart ways to bypass baggage fees:

  • Pack light

  • Research your airline’s policy. Baggage fees change constantly and can vary by airline.

  • Purchase a small luggage scale and weigh your luggage each time you fly

  • Ship your bags. Luggage shipping companies could be much cheaper than your airline.

  • Upgrade your luggage to a higher quality and lighter weight


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