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Risk Mitigation Discussions: Crisis Response

Listen to the podcast here or your favorite platform!

Host: Stacy Mandock 

Stacy Mandock provides support to the Risk Mitigation team as the program director. With the purpose of providing the safest possible experience for travelers both foreign and domestic, Stacy assists in doing the initial research for travel destinations and identifying potential concerns and/or risks before and during travel. Her specialty is working with collegiate travelers and ensuring that they’re thoroughly prepared before travel as well as tracking potential risks or threats throughout their trips.


Guest: Terry Peters 

Terry is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Leader Solutions Decisions Support (LSDS) which provides executive coaching to leaders of all levels and empowers and supports individuals and organizations with the skills and knowledge to achieve their professional vision.  Terry has led leadership development forums with Amazon’s North American Customer Fulfillment, Global Engineering Services (GES), and has built a resident leadership academy for Riot Games. He is a 27-year Army Veteran and has numerous decorations and foreign awards for his service to the Nation.


On this topic: Crisis Response management is a really key part of any organization. Terry joins us to look into what this means for any organization, big or small, professional or for the family. Being prepared for the unexpected and unimaginable can save lives and livelihoods.


 In this podcast you will learn more about: 

●      What exactly Crisis Response means and who it’s for.

●      How LSDS has worked with organizations to build CRM teams from the ground up.

●      Levels of Crisis Response Management implementation.

●      Putting CRM teams to the test with tabletop exercises.


Key takeaways:

●      Terry shares some of the Best Practices he’s seen in organizations regarding their Crisis Response Management teams and programs.

●      What is one of the most overlooked parts of a Crisis Response tabletop exercise? Terry tells us what he’s come across the most and how important it is to include in your CRM.


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