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Leader Solutions & Decision Support

LSDS is a Risk Mitigation company with two primary focus areas:

Safety & Security

We provide training programs, services, and products to help you identify, prepare, mitigate, and manage safety and security threats to people and facilities. 


Organizational Success

We deliver professional development, support, and assistance to help you build and lead cohesive teams that accomplish missions ahead of schedule and under budget while mitigating risks to strategy, mission, and brand.

What Sets Us Apart

We meet you where you are and work with you to get where you want to be. 

We deliver practical, integrated, intelligent services and support that aligns with your vision. 

LSDS Experts deliver a wide range of training programs, services, and products designed to secure your safety and ensure peace pf mind at home, at work and abroad. 

Organizational success occurs when your team achieves its true potential and drives success. Experienced leaders, educators, and trainers specifically selected for your needs, measurable results, and client confidentiality set LSDS apart. 

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