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Are you prepared for a quick evacuation that may last longer than a single day? As you think about what you would need in case a natural or man-made disaster requires you to evacuate with no notice, consider what you would need for an extended evacuation. If you don’t have these items in place, now is the time to practice some practical risk mitigation and make sure you and yours are prepared for any eventuality.

LSDS offers a wide range of Egress Bags and Emergency Kits, all of which can be specifically customized to meet your individual needs and environment. Today’s featured bag is our 72 Hour Egress Bag. Tailored specifically to you, this bag includes enough food, water, safety, shelter, and signaling items for a full 72 hours. Visit to learn more about our 72 Hour Egress bag and see what LSDS can provide for you.


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