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Dynamic Leadership Discussions: Intro to Kate Colvin

Listen Here!

Host: Stacy Mandock 

Stacy Mandock provides support to the Risk Mitigation team as the program director. With the purpose of providing the safest possible experience for travelers both foreign and domestic, Stacy assists in doing the initial research for travel destinations and identifying potential concerns and/or risks before and during travel. Her specialty is working with collegiate travelers and ensuring that they’re thoroughly prepared before travel as well as tracking potential risks or threats throughout their trips.

Guest: Dr. Kate Colvin 

Dr. Kate Colvin has worked in the human performance industry for 15 years, gaining experience working with professional athletes, military special operations, as well as Fortune 500 companies. As a seasoned performance psychology consultant, she is passionate about increasing individual mental performance and thus overall psychological well-being.

Kate is a published author with contributions to both the Journal of Special Operations Medicine and the Journal of Alternative Medicine. She holds a M.S. in Sport and Performance Psychology from University of Idaho as well as a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from Texas Tech University and currently resides in Idaho. 

 See Kate’s full bio at Focus20 Coaches

On this topic: Introducing Kate and her skill set as she explains what she does, who it works for and who she loves to work with. This could be you! Working with Kate is a team experience and it’s obvious during this chat that she is energized by the unique problem sets that clients bring to her. 

Key takeaways:

  • Kate’s background and professional experiences

  • What Kate’s passionate about in her line of work

  • What are some of the qualities in a person that she loves to work with

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