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Leadership and Team Work

Good morning, my friends. Happy Friday. I know you’re heading into the weekend with a lot yet to accomplish. As you close the week, remember to conduct a check on leaders, your team, and where you are headed. Some of you have seen the attached photo and know the catastrophe that awaits this team at the forefront in just a few steps. You may know the second team never really functions as a team and has a very long day. Planning, effective communication, leader actions, and direct timely addressing of developing scenarios are crucial aspects to a successful team mission. As this snapshot captures the moment before the teams dissolve under pressure and stress, none of these direct actions were implemented by any member of the team, with devastating effects. Many lives changed on this day.  

Key Takeaways:

  • Failure is result of many factors, nearly all are preventable. When failures occur, learn from them and share what you have learned.

  • Leader actions are as critical as leader location. Position yourself with a purpose ad establish priorities aligned with the mission and strategic objectives 

  • Bad things do not get better with time. Address them now! 

  • Telepathy is not a valid communication process - they don’t know if you don’t tell them. 

  • Systems and processes must be revisited as the situation changes. What worked before may not work now. Leaders, review these and make adjustments based off input from everyone impacted.

You own the environment. NEVER walk by what you see as incorrect or not aligned.


Purpose, Focus, and Motivation are what leaders at all levels provide their teams. Keep doing that! I’m very proud of all of you, especially those of you in the heat of the ‘fight’!  And for goodness’ sake . . . do PT today!

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