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Support begins well before the start of your move, with detailed evaluations to help you identify and validate the best locations, anticipate environmental factors, and understand crime statistics and trends. Some locations have changed dramatically over the last year, and areas that were previously extremely safe or desirable may no longer be so, while others may have greatly improved. Our goal is to make sure you know exactly what you need to know before you commit to move. LSDS will:

  • Identify & Validate Locations

    • State/City/Town/Neighborhood

    • Ranking Including Best Options & Places to Avoid

  • Anticipate Environmental Factors

    • Natural Disaster & Weather Impacts

    • Geography & Topography

    • Factors Leading to Necessary Evacuation

    • Increased or Unusual Insurance Requirements

  • Detail Socio-Economic Influencers

    • Unemployment Rates / Per Capita Income / Education / Homelessness

  • Determine Access to Emergency Services

    • Police / Medical / Fire / First Responder Capabilities & Efficiencies

    • Locations of Precincts / Major Medical & Trauma Centers / Fire Departments

  • Analyze Crime Statistics & Trends

    • Overall Safety Ratings for Immediate & Surrounding Areas

      • Crime Comparison Across Neighborhood / Large City / State / USA

    • Specific Crimes with Number of Incidents

      • ie. Arson: 3 Incidents / Assault: 84 Incidents

    • Issues Specific to Geographic Location

      • Gang Activity / Riots / Conspicuous Drug Use / Encampments

    • Changes in Crime & Safety Over the Last Year

  • Map Out Daily Commute to Work / School

    • Length of Commute & Number of Routes

    • Potential Areas of Danger on Routes

LSDS has proudly supported client relocations to all corners of North America. Contact us today to see how we can help you to secure your safety and peace of mind at home and abroad.


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