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Hanging at home for the holiday? We’ve got you covered with a full week of LSDS Practical Survival Skills to ensure your comfort and safety at home. Today’s risk mitigation measures:

Test Your Smoke Alarm

  • Press and hold the test button on your smoke detector. If an ear-piercing alarm emanates from the smoke detector, you are good to go! If no sound is produced, replace your batteries ASAP.

  • If you need to climb on a chair or ladder to test your alarm, make sure to use the buddy system to ensure a safe trip up and down. Pets and small children do not count as appropriate participants in the buddy system.

Check Your Fire Extinguisher Charge & Expiration Date

  • Wine and cheese may improve with age, but your fire extinguisher decidedly does not. Check the date on the manufacturer’s tag or on the body of the fire extinguisher to make sure that it hasn’t expired, and confirm that the needle of the pressure gauge is still in the green. Don’t have a fire extinguisher? Go buy one today!

Whether your plans involve a travel adventure or a holiday hang at home, we’ve got you covered from start to finish. Visit to learn more about what LSDS can provide for you.


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