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Regional Flight Disruption Alert

Updated on 10 January 2020

The Situation:

As of 7 January 2020, the FAA is prohibiting all U.S. carriers from flying over Iraqi and Iranian airspace, over the Persian Gulf, and over the Gulf of Oman until further notice.

Though the FAA’s notice only affects U.S. carriers, many other countries and airlines have made similar precautions.

The General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) in India has instructed national airlines to evaluate potential risks in areas that may endanger flight operations. GCAA recommended national carriers to take caution and be careful due to the current situation in the region. India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation advised Indian commercial carriers to avoid Iranian, Iraqi and Persian Gulf airspace, following the flight restrictions issued by the U.S. FAA. Air India and Air India Express flights to be temporarily re-routed, which may cause 20 to 40-minute delays for flights, depending on the destination.

Additionally, Air Canada, Air France/KLM, British Airways, China Airlines, Lufthansa, Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Qantas and Virgin Atlantic are now adjusting their flight paths to avoid flying over Iranian airspace, with some of these airlines also avoiding Iraqi airspace.

Possible Effects:

  • Increased flight duration

  • Flights/connection rerouted

  • Delays, possible cancellations, and/or increased measures with airport security

  • Increase in visibility of police or military personnel

Mitigating Factors to Apply:

  • Notify the embassy of arrival in the country and enroll in a SAFE traveler program (if available)

  • Ensure your flight itinerary prior to departure to the airport

  • Remain alert to changing situations

  • Avoid all crowds, protests and demonstrations, which can attract unwanted attention

  • Comply with in-country government directions, exercise caution, and maintain a low profile

  • Monitor local media for security updates

  • Make travel adjustments as you see fit

DISCLAIMER and Hold Harmless

Disclaimer: LSDS® gathers information from multiple sources and offers insight and perspective to travelers. Sources cannot be validated for accuracy in every instance. Travelers assume all risk associated with their travel and are responsible for the decisions associated with travel and for their own safety. Users of this reference document agree, to hold harmless LSDS® (LLC) its employees and clients associated with any risk or injury incurred during travel.


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