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Risk Mitigation Discussions: Student Travel Safety Plans

Hosts: Stacy Mandock, LSDS Collegiate Travel Lead /Research and Development Lead

Kelsey Diesing, LSDS Risk Mitigation Researcher

Brittany Coppock, LSDS Risk Mitigation Researcher

Vanessa Liceaga, LSDS Risk Mitigation Researcher

Stacy provides support to the LSDS Risk Mitigation team as a program lead for collegiate travel and assists in doing the initial research for travel destinations and identifying potential concerns and/or risks before and during travel. Her specialty is working with collegiate travelers and ensuring that they’re thoroughly prepared before travel as well as tracking potential risks or threats throughout their trips.

Kelsey, Brittany and Vanessa are all part of the LSDS Risk Mitigation team of researchers, who analyze and report relevant information to facilitate the safest possible experiences for LSDS clients prior to and during travel.

On this topic: There’s a big focus on the preparation side of a trip that LSDS applies when working with collegiate travelers. In-person training sessions can cover topics such as Self-Defense, Situational Awareness, Basic Medical, Traveler Prep and more. But one of the biggest pieces used in the pre-travel planning phase is the Safety Plan.


Safety Plans are unique to LSDS, a product that’s been developed over the years and is tailored to each program or individual student’s needs. In this podcast, the team talks about this planning tool, the purpose it serves, how they’ve seen it work over the years and some favorite moments from reviews.

Areas covered:

● What are Safety Plans?

● What’s being covered on these plans?

● Who’s using these and why?

● What feedback is being given and why is this important?

● What is the benefit of having students fill out Safety Plans, having them reviewed and receiving personalized feedback?

● Some of our favorite reviewing moments.

● Most adventurous trips reviewed.

● Some of the best feedback we’ve gotten from students.


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