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Rocket Alert - Israel

Rocket Alert


Updated on 25 March 2019

The Situation:

In the early hours of 25 March, a long-range rocket fired from Gaza into Israel territory, reaching Mishmeret, located approximately 10 miles north of Tel Aviv. One home was destroyed and seven people were reportedly wounded.

In the evening, Israel military forces began retaliatory air and ground strikes on Hamas targets in Gaza.

Currently, Israel military forces and Gaza are actively engaging in cross-border attacks. As of 21:00 (local time), Southern and Central Israel are actively under Red Alert until further notice. Verified bomb shelters currently open include Tel Aviv, Ashkelon, along with all shelters near Gaza.

At this time, all central trains and some public transportation are temporarily halted. All inbound and outbound flights at Ben Gurion Airport are also temporarily delayed due to Israeli military activities. This is a very fluid situation and we expect several developments in the coming hours.

Mitigating Measures to Consider Applying:

  • Monitor local media closely for updates and warnings (IDF Twitter provides situational updates)

  • Familiarize yourself with the location of the nearest rocket shelter

  • Listen for sirens and take them seriously (30-60 seconds is all the warning you will receive)

  • Download the app “Red Alert Israel” for your phone to warn of incoming rocket fire

  • Review alerts and restrictions provided by local authorities before relocating to southern audit location

  • Avoid the Gaza Strip

  • Use caution and remain aware of your surroundings

  • Check airports for flight delays or cancellations

  • Reach out to LSDS in case of an emergency (910-725-2447 or

DISCLAIMER and Hold Harmless

Disclaimer: LSDS gathers information from multiple sources and offers insight and perspective to travelers. Sources cannot be validated for accuracy in every instance. Travelers assume all risk associated with their travel and are responsible for the decisions associated with travel and for their own safety. Users of this reference document agree, to hold harmless LSDS (LLC) its employees and clients associated with any risk or injury incurred during travel.


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