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Scam Emails during tax season

With tax season right around the corner be cautious of email scams 🚨:

For example, we received an email from posing as the IRS. They said that we have received tax Reliefs related to COVID 19 pandemic. We knew something was not right about this. The grammar was wrong, there was little to no punctuation, and the email appeared fake. Luckily, it was noticed right away. With emails like these, you can send them to your trash bin ♻ or report the email. Be safe during tax season with these helpful tips from LSDS.


📧 The IRS never contacts you via email, text message, or social media.

🔗 The IRS never sends you links to submit via email.

🎣 Phishing schemes are common so always double-check the sender’s credentials.

🎯 Delete scam emails immediately so you are not their next target.

Make sure during tax season you are careful of emails you receive and never click on links if they seem suspicious. When tax season comes out so do the scammers!


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