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Travel Tip #2 - Taxi Safey

As you prepare for summer travel, here a few taxi safety considerations to keep in mind.

  • Have the concierge at the hotel or the information desk at the airport write the names and addresses of the sites you’re going to in the local language-they may also be able to provide you with the typical price range for your trip

  • Take a business card with you when you go out with the phone number of a reputable minicab or taxi company, and phone for the cab when you need it

  • Try not to let anyone overhear you ordering a cab

  • Ask for driver ID before getting into the vehicle-take a moment to make sure the face of the driver matches the license hanging on the dashboard

  • Generally, avoid entering a taxi with someone already in the passenger seat

  • Make note of the cab number which is usually found on a placard inside the cab in the event items are misplaced or left for reference later

  • Prior to getting in the vehicle, when practical, ask the driver how much the fare will be

  • Make sure the driver hasn’t left any time on the meter

  • Sit behind the driver, where you are less visible to the driver and passersby as well-if traveling solo, sitting in the middle puts you farther out of reach of anyone on the street; in certain countries the local customs will advise that you sit up front-make the appropriate decisions based off customs, threat etc.

  • If meeting someone, phone to let them know that you’ve ordered a cab, the name of the cab company, and where you ordered it from

  • Insist on using the meter-drivers usually prefer not to use the meter so they can give an unfair price

  • To combat luggage being left or stolen, try to keep your luggage in the seat next to you

  • Know where you’re going-have your destination and the best route written or mapped

  • Be sure to keep your eye out for drivers stating that their meter is broken or drivers going past your destination to run up the fare

  • Keep expensive items hidden and keep your phone handy

  • Know the locations specific line to call in case of an emergency

  • Do not provide the driver with too much personal information

  • Have small bills on hand to prevent cash overcharging or change irregularities by the cab driver

  • Pay when inside the taxi, with the door closed to minimize curbside robbery, distractions etc.


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