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Defeating Organizational Complacency

Dynamic Leadership Discussions - Listen here.

Host: Christopher Spence, Program Lead for Leader Solutions Decision Support (LSDS).

Chris has worked with LSDS Risk Mitigation programs and serves as consultant for Select Strategic Projects, which successfully enable outside companies requiring military experience and insight to achieve their project goals. Chris served for 25 years in the Army, with 17 of those years exclusively spent in the United States Army Special Forces.

Guest: Terry Peters, Founder/CEO Leader Solutions Decision Support (LSDS).

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Leader Solutions Decisions Support (LSDS), Terry and his team provide executive coaching to leaders of all levels and empowers and supports individuals and organizations with the skills and knowledge to achieve their professional vision. Terry has led leadership development forums with Amazon’s North American Customer Fulfillment, Global Engineering Services (GES), and has built a resident leadership academy for Riot Games. He is a 27-year Army Veteran and has numerous decorations and foreign awards for his service to the Nation.

On this Topic: Organizational complacency can limit business success, yet many leaders do not fully understand the extent of the problem or are blind to the warning signs. This podcast will help leaders avoid, detect, and correct complacency for their business and staff to flourish.


Key take-aways from Defeating Organizational Complacency discussion with Terry Peters:

● Organizational complacency can be defined as:

○ Loss of vibrancy and passion or when lethargy crowds out passion and motivation.

○ Intrinsic ROI of time and energy wanes or is lost.

● Complacency often happens after major wins.

● In a fast moving and ever-changing world, organizations should not settle for “good enough” and adopt a “what’s next” mentality.

● Potential impact of widespread complacency:

○ KPIs and measures of effectiveness begin to dwindle.

○ Loss of customers / clients.

○ Culture is now a liability and not an asset.

● Organizational complacency indicators include:

○ Increased turnover.

○ Exceeding deadlines.

○ Changes in team and individual behavior.

○ Energy that was once in the organization diminishes or leaves all together.

Leadership recommendations and best practices to mitigate organizational complacency.

· Engage leaders at all levels.

· Value and reward focused passion.

· Leader circulation.

· Reinforce the greater good.

· Look and listen to your workplace.


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