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Retaining Talent

Dynamic Leadership Discussions

On this Topic: The challenges of attracting, developing and retaining talent in a post-Covid landscape means leaders must have a “people first” approach while executing their organizational goals and objectives to ensure best talent is kept.

Host: Stacy Mandock

Guest: Terry Peters

Terry is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Leader Solutions Decisions Support (LSDS) which provides executive coaching to leaders of all levels and empowers and supports individuals and organizations with the skills and knowledge to achieve their professional vision. Terry has led leadership development forums with Amazon’s North American Customer Fulfillment, Global Engineering Services (GES), and has built a resident leadership academy for Riot Games. He is a 27-year Army Veteran and has numerous decorations and foreign awards for his service to the Nation.


Key take-aways for Retaining Talent discussion with Terry Peters

  • Retaining talent begins with the first interaction with potential employees.

  • Culture of an organization is vital for employees to truly invest into the company.

  • Attuned leaders will proactively recognize and act on early indicators of staff disengagement.

  • Work-From-Home (WFH) / Remote challenges can be overcome by offering flexibility while still maintaining and reinforcing culture.

Best practices for leaders to strengthen culture and retain talent:

1) Look at the employee lifecycle. Performance feedback, growing an individual’s knowledge and skills through educational initiatives and cross-training, adds value to the individual, and lets them know the organization is invested in them.

2) Learn who your employees are. Employee investment begins by staff understanding the value that they bring to the organization. Grow your culture around mutual commitment to the greater good and mutual commitment to each other, so that the culture inspires people to give more, and makes it more challenging to leave the organization regardless of the offer.

3)Lead by action and behavior. This is the most important factor in retaining talent and gaining culture buy-in. People disengage long before it is verbalized. An attuned leader will proactively notice these early indicators and will take the initiative to learn more about the challenge or concern in order to retain the talent.


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