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Research shows that 80% of adults experience back pain at some point in their lives. In

addition, back injury/pain is the most common work related injury reported worldwide. Sitting chained to our desks as we engage in work is often the culprit of this back pain. Often we will find that we slump as we sit allowing our shoulders to rotate forward which impacts proper spinal alignment. This will put unwanted strain on the ligaments and muscles throughout your posterior chain (i.e. neck, back, glutes). The good news is that we can reduce this strain and work to reverse the damage that has been done by taking a few proactive steps. 

Step 1: Be purposeful with your posture. 

● Head upright and over your shoulders.

● Eyes looking slightly downward without bending from the neck. 

● The chair backrest should support the natural curve of the lower back. 

● Elbows bent at 90 degrees, forearms horizontal, shoulders relaxed and not raised. 

● Thighs horizontal with the angle of the hip. 

● Feet flat and supported on the floor. Use a foot-rest to bring the floor up to your feet

if needed. 

Step 2: Move! 

Attached you will find a graphic which includes a few, simple stretches/yoga poses that can

help to relieve pain and undo damage. Engaging in these movements won't take you longer than 10 minutes, but will provide substantial relief to back pain you may be experiencing. If you have any questions about how to engage in these poses properly, there are many tutorials easily accessible on YouTube. In addition, you can find many online yoga courses or leverage Dr. Colvin for any practice tips.

Take care of you.

As we help our numerous clients cope with the unique stressors inherent in today’s uncertain world, we are thrilled to offer the services of Dr. Kate Colvin, PhD. As Director of Human Performance, Kate’s role is to provide training and education around various aspects of mental and physical wellbeing, including stress management, effective thinking, mindfulness, attentional focus techniques, goal attainment, organizational leadership, memory and learning enhancement, and sleep. Kate has assisted hundreds of LSDS clients, and is available to help you navigate the path ahead. Emailkatecolvin@lsds.usto learn more about what Dr. Kate Colvin, PhD, can provide for you.


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