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Wellness Weds -Relax… Again

This week we want to encourage you to love yourself enough to take the time to relax. You

were provided information on relaxation last week, but many of us need more than just one

nudge to switch off and allow ourselves to relax. Our bodies react to the world around us and within us in many ways. Our bodies act like sponges, they can either soak up effective or

ineffective energy and subsequently trap the ineffective energy as stress and tension. Many of us are so used to keeping our bodies tight and engaged that we don't notice the strain and tension that we create within our muscles, tendons, and connective tissue. 

Connect with your body. Teach yourself to pay attention to the tension that you create or just

allow to exist. Take a few moments each day to engage in a body scan. On your inhale allow

your mental focus to locate and dwell on an area of tension and with your exhale

intentionally release the tension. Intentionally LET GO. As you engage in your body scan, you

will likely notice that you hold your tension in a few prime areas. These areas are typically our

jaw, neck, shoulders, and lower back. Become intimately aware with your body and where it

stores stress and tension. Then... teach yourself to relax with purpose.

Each of us experience relaxation, or as I like to call it "switching off" in different ways. There is no right or wrong answer. You might not even know where to begin, and that's okay. Explore different options until you discover what is most effective and beneficial to you. Massage, meditation, yoga, a nice warm soak in your bath, exercise, drawing, writing, a simple walk, reading a book you enjoy, as well as visualization are just a few options that can provide great benefit. Once you identify what helps to encourage you to "switch off" in an enjoyable manner, be purposeful with doing that DAILY. The most beneficial way to maintain a healthy mind and body is through being proactive. Love yourself enough to relax. Own your mind, own your life.

As we help our numerous clients cope with the unique stressors inherent in today’s uncertain world, we are thrilled to offer the services of Dr. Kate Colvin, PhD. As Director of Human Performance, Kate’s role is to provide training and education around various aspects of mental and physical wellbeing, including stress management, effective thinking, mindfulness, attentional focus techniques, goal attainment, organizational leadership, memory and learning enhancement, and sleep. Kate has assisted hundreds of LSDS clients, and is available to help you navigate the path ahead. Email to learn more about what Dr. Kate Colvin, PhD, can provide for you.


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