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What LSDS Can Provide For You

LSDS is a professional services company that specializes in making you safer and more organizationally effective. Since 2011, LSDS has been helping to advise and train a variety of organizations, individuals, and families, preparing them for the future and to counter threats at home, at work, and while traveling. At a time when it can feel easy to be overwhelmed by sensationalized news reports and social media posts, LSDS is dedicated to providing accurate, unbiased, and timely factual information and practical support to individuals, families, and businesses.


What We Can Provide For You

A Balanced Capture of COVID-19 Facts

- Concise US and Worldwide Updates

- Pinpoint Geographic Understanding of the Virus, Mitigation Measures, and Impacts

- Disease Spread 

- Infections, Recoveries, and Deaths

- Risk Levels and Demographics

- Testing, Treatment and Infection Prevention Updates 

- Crime Trends and Supply Chain Disruption Information

A Guide for Navigating the Path Ahead

- Analysis and Acceptable Risk Inputs to Decision Making for Executives and Businesses

- Preparation to Return to the New Traditional Work and Life Cycles

Direct Contact with A Performance Psychologist

- Individual and Small Group Sessions Focused on Managing Specific Executive Stressors and Challenges via Encrypted Video Streaming Platforms 

- Videos and Tips to Address Focus and Attention, Controlling Distractions, Stress Relief, Effective Communication Strategies for Families, Mental Health Strategies, and Psychological Responses to Our New Normal

Peace of Mind (Safety)

- Education and Training to Manage Daily Safety, Emergency Situations, and Rapid Evacuations

- Vulnerability and Threat Assessments for Homes 

- Crisis Response Planning, Preparation, and Recovery

- 24 Hour & 72 Hour Egress Bags for Adults, Children, and Pets; Medical Kits; Personal Safety Kits; Vehicle Kits

Top Tips for Working from Home and Homeschooling

- Best Practices and Leader Preparation for Managing a Remote Team

- Practical Strategies for Working from Home Efficiently, Effectively, and Reasonably

- Remote Learning Resources and Educational Advice for Homeschooling


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