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Dynamic Leadership Discussions Episode 13: Conflict Resolution Series - Part 3

Hosts: Stacy Mandock

Stacy provides support to the LSDS Risk Mitigation team as a program lead for collegiate travel and assists in doing the initial research for travel destinations and identifying potential concerns and/or risks before and during travel. Stacy is also the team lead for Research & Development and the LSDS Decision Line Egress Bags. Working with clients to make sure that they - and all their household - are ready to go at a moment's notice.

Guest: Bill Hanes

Bill served for 30 years in the military as a Ranger and Green Beret achieving the rank of Group Command Sergeant Major in Special Operations. In 2021, Bill founded Paradigm, the ground-breaking, holistic human development program for Army Special Operations to enhance Cadre and Faculty members, which resulted in world-class reception of newly assigned Special Operations Soldiers into the organization and developed the building blocks for honing adaptive problem solvers.

Recap: Conflict Resolution Series Part I: Neuroscience of Conflict

Conflict Resolution Series Part II: Identifying Red Flags

On This Topic: In the last part of the series, we focus on ways to know yourself and your people to avoid conflict.

● What is your preferred method in receiving communication?

● What is your communication style?

● How do you prefer your team to communicate?

Key Takeaways

● To get ahead of conflict, know your people and know yourself.

● Listen and talk with people without an agenda.

Personality Assessments & how they can help management & improve talent acquisition & retention,

● And more!





Surrounded by Idiots (Thomas Erikson)

Healing the Angry Brain (Ronald Potter-Efron)

The Culture Code (Daniel Coyle)

Crucibles of Leadership (W.G. Bennis & R.J. Thomas)


● How to Navigate Conflict at Work

● Empathy & Listening Skills

How Managers Become Leaders (M.D. Watkins)


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