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LSDS Practical Survival Skills Program – Meet the Team

Team LSDS™ is thrilled to be heading to RedPoint CrossFit in Fayetteville, NC and the Southern Pines VFW Post 7318 for our Practical Survival Skills Program March 5th - 7th. We are particularly excited to introduce you to Amanda and Dave, the talented and experienced team members who will be serving as your program instructors.

Amanda Grazier

Amanda grew up in Virginia where she attended Virginia Military Institute and received a degree in Biology. While at school she held positions as Sports Medicine Assistant, EMT Team Lead, and Operations Officer for US Service Projects for Keydets Without Borders. After graduation, Amanda served her community as a Police Officer where she worked on improving community relations during her patrol shifts. Amanda joined LSDS in July 2019 as a Risk Management Researcher who specializes in researching travel destinations and identifying potential concerns and/or risks before and during travel.


NREMT; VA EMT; NC Nurse Aid I; NY CAN; American Red Cross First Aid/ CPR/ AED; Basic Law Enforcement; American Red Cross First Aid/ CPR/ AED Instructor

Amanda’s Favorite Practical Survival Skill Tip:

Look for your exits upon entering a room or building; recognize obstacles in case of an emergency, AND trust you gut.

Dave Childers

Dave uses his nearly 20 years of law enforcement experience in North Carolina and Overseas to educate and empower others on the importance of preparation and response during a crisis scenario. After September 11, 2001, Dave worked as an international Peacekeeper in Kosovo as a police mentor, where he was appointed Chief of Operations for the police station responsible for approximately 200 Kosovo police officers, 22 international police officers, and 12 language assistants. Dave worked as a subject matter expert on police policy and procedure embedded with the US Marines at the Fallujah Police HQ. He continued with CPATT in the Kabul and then Kandahar regions of Afghanistan and mentored Afghan Police officers in conjunction with the US & Coalition Forces as well as the Afghanistan Ministry of the Interior on democratic policing policy and procedures. He also mentored Afghan Police at the Kabul Police Command HQ and the Afghan Border Police in Kandahar. Dave’s North Carolina experience includes undercover narcotics detective, US Customs K-9 drug detection dog handler and patrol officer. He has accumulated approximately 2,500 law enforcement training hours including Interview and Interrogation, Defensive Driving, Shoot-Don’t Shoot, Patrol Techniques and Use of Force.


Red Cross CPR Certification; Civilian Response Train the Trainer; Active Shooter: What You Can Do; Leadership and Influence; Diversity Awareness; Basic Incident Command System Initial Response; Initial Ethics Orientation 2019; Introduction Incident Command System; Fundamentals of Emergency Management; Decision Making and Problem Solving; Safety Orientation 2019; Fundamentals of Risk Management; Effective Communication; Preparing for Mass Casualty Incidents; Surveillance Awareness; Basic Workplace Security; Certified Pistol Instructor; Chief Range Safety Officer Instructor; Personal Protection/Home Instructor

Dave’s Favorite Practical Survival Skill Tip:

Always carry an ink pen. An ink pen is easily concealable, accessible and versatile. A surprise counter-attack with an ink pen may give one an edge against an attacker.

There is still time to register for one of our amazing Practical Survival Skill Program Courses!

LSDS Individual Personal Protection Program

3/5 - 12 PM

LSDS Red Cross Certifying Adult & Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED - Blended Learning

3/5 - 6 PM

LSDS Red Cross Certifying Adult/Pediatric CPR/AED - Full Classroom Learning

3/6 - 9 AM

LSDS Red Cross Certifying Adult/Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED - Blended Learning

3/6 - 1 PM | 3/7 - 5 PM

LSDS Individual Personal Protection Course

3/6 - 5 PM | 3/7 - 9 AM


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