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Resources for Remote Learning

LSDS is proud to present this fantastic list of resources for remote learning, courtesy of our Data & Integration Director, Angie Gerhan. In addition to her work with LSDS, Angie is a full-time 4th Grade Teacher, a Level 1 Google Certified Educator, and will begin her Masters in Education in Instruction and Technology this May. We hope that your family will benefit from these incredible resources as you delve deeper into the exciting adventures of unexpected homeschooling.



Newsela & Tween Tribune have leveled non-fiction, some with quizzes.  

Epic Books free through June 

Listening Lessons- have kids listen, take notes, then create a graphic organizer of main idea and details. 

Wakelet- great way for kids to show what they know



K-5 Number Sense Resources:

  • Splat! - Download the PowerPoints and put them in “present mode.” Have your child guess how many shapes there are under the Splat.

  • Solve Me Puzzles - Three different types of puzzles that will challenge your child to make sense of numbers.  Most of these puzzles are appropriate for Grade 2 +.

  • Four 4s Problem - This classic game asks students to use multiple operations and their strategic problem-solving skills to turn Four 4s into many different numbers.  Appropriate for Grades 3 +.

  • How Many Rows? - Try to get the greatest number of squares by making rectangles. Appropriate for Grades 3 +.

  • Tic-Tac-Toe Sums - A twist on the classic tic-tac-toe game, this time trying to use strategy to find the total of two numbers

  • Which One Doesn't Belong? - Pick a picture and find a reason why each part doesn’t belong.  Which one is not like the others? Perfect to print out or show on your device.

  • Greg Tang's Math Resources - Sign up for email list and hundreds of printable games become available for you that are high-quality!

K-5 Estimation Resources: 

  • Esti-Mysteries - Download the PowerPoints and put them in “present mode.” Have your child guess how many objects there are.  Using the clues, narrow down the guesses!

  • Estimation 180 - Pick a picture and estimate!  Have your child type their responses in the boxes if they want or just talk with you.  If you click Estimates, you will see kids’ work from all over the nation!

  • Loop-De-Loops - Predict where your spiral will go!  Did you estimate correctly?



Mystery Science lessons, organized by grade level, for online learning

Bill Nye Videos:

Cornell Labs Bird Cams - Have students observe for 5 or more minutes a day and maintain a scientific journal of their observations, describing what they saw, what has changed or what they predict will happen next.  There are several cams but the Barred Owls and Albatross nests are live now and have eggs in the nests. Students can write a compare, contrast paragraph or google slide deck.

Scholastic Study Jams Science and Math

Boolean Girl: coding lessons

12 Free Educational Activities available at the Minecraft Marketplace - Virtual science classes, in-depth looks at animals, and profiles of scientists - And on their social media pages



Free Online Educational Game Sites:

Kids Learning Videos for PreK and K:

For Creating your own Flipped Lessons: Flipgrid-how to use Flipgrid

Quizziz-self paced quizzes 

Screencastify - this is an extension app you add to Chrome

Zoom task cards with tutorials for using language learning - free for 3 months

Music Lab - SongMaker


Virtual Museum Tours

NE Ohio Museums

NE Ohio Museums team up to provide virtual materials (William McKinley Museum and Presidential Library, Massillon Museum, Canton Museum of Art, National First Ladies' Library, Pro Football Hall of Fame, Dennison Railroad Depot Museum)

Noon daily on their Facebook pages

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Every day at 11am

Cleveland Metroparks

Every day at 1pm


Other Digital Resources

Podcasts for Kids:

Story/Book Websites:

Authors Online:

The resources for remote learning on this comprehensive list were selected by Ms. Gerhan from, which features an extensive list of free resources that is updated almost daily. 


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