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Travel Tip-An Informed Traveler is a Confident Traveler

An informed traveler is a confident traveler. Hey, that’s you! Or, it could be you if you have some concerns heading in to Labor Day Weekend, aka the final end of summer travel adventure. With travel restrictions changing daily and sometimes by the hour, LSDS identifies the latest restrictions related to your destination. You can receive customized packing list recommendations, information about Covid hotspots or other potential areas to avoid due to civil unrest, and other best practices specific to your upcoming trip.

Reach out to the LSDS team directly to discuss your trip and any additional travel concerns. We customize support directly for you – there is no one size fits all. Be safe and informed this weekend and in the days and months ahead. We look forward to hearing from you as you prepare for your next adventure!

Visit to see what LSDS can provide for you!


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